Blade nib fountain pen

Blade nib fountain pen

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UPDATE! Wednesday 21st November.

I've made a bit of a breakthrough with this pen - I've found a new donor body made of wood and brass that is really nice. It's about the same weight as the Jinhao body, but it looks and feels very nice indeed and is marginally simpler to modify to use a blade nib. This wood/brass variation is now available - still the same info regarding delivery and shipping as below. If you have ordered one of the original pens and it hasn't yet been shipped, I'm happy to ship a brass/wood one instead, just let me know.

This is the latest version of the blade pen featuring improved ink flow and reliability.

I'm opening preorders between 10th November and 30th November 2018. I can't guarantee they will be shipped and delivered for Christmas, but I'll be closing orders on the 30th November.

This pen is a modified Jinhao x750 which is very sturdy and well balanced, weighing 37g (1.3oz). It measures 14cm capped (5 1/2 inches) and comes fitted with an individually hand crafted brass blade nib. 

Special Offer! If you buy a blade pen, you will automatically get a 20% discount on a blade dip pen when you buy them together. This offer ends on the 16th November.

Each pen comes with a converter to allow for easy filling and adjustment of ink flow. 

These nibs allow for a wide variety of mark making from very thin to very thick lines and are very well suited to being used for drawing expressively. 

This is available in a choice of colours: cream, silver and black. 

There is a video of this pen being used for drawing on my blog where you can see some of the variety of lines this pen is capable of making.