Blade nib fountain pen

Blade nib fountain pen

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These pens allow for a wide variety of mark making from very thin to very thick lines and are very well suited to being used for drawing expressively. By changing the angle at which you hold it, you change the kind of mark you can make.  

There is a video of this pen being used for drawing on my blog where you can see some of the variety of lines this pen is capable of making. 

This pen is a modified wood and brass Chinese pen body, essentially an unbranded Wing Sung 7250. See the pictures for more details.

Each pen comes with a converter to allow for easy filling. The pen works best with a lubricated fountain pen ink- I’ve found that the sailor pigment ink and the noodler’s eel black work best. Please don’t put india ink into it as it will almost certainly clog it up  

While I do try to keep these pens in stock, they tend to sell out fairly quickly. I then need to order, make, test and package so there may sometimes be a wait of a month or so before your order ships.