Blade nib fountain pen

Blade nib fountain pen

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Orders for this pen have closed so I can work on other projects. I may have overstock from the next batch I make, so keep an eye out in September/October as I may have limited stock then.

Here's the handy fountain pen version of the brass dip pen!

This pen is a modified Jinhao x750 which is very sturdy and well balanced, weighing 37g (1.3oz). It measures 14cm capped (5 1/2 inches) and comes fitted with an individually hand crafted brass blade nib. 

Each pen comes with a converter to allow for easy filling and adjustment of ink flow. 

These nibs allow for a wide variety of mark making from very thin to very thick lines and are very well suited to being used for drawing expressively. 

This is available in a choice of colours: cream, silver, gold and black. 

There is a video of this pen being used for drawing on my blog where you can see some of the variety of lines this pen is capable of making.